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In Memory of my Friend, Michael Cotner

Eternity Beckoned

Thy mem'ry drifts in star-lit raven skies.
O Michael, let thy whispers ride the wind,
deliver comfort to my blurry eyes.
I'll meet thee, friend, when life He doth rescind

and find thee in a hope-lined realm of love,
embraced by peace once searched for but not found,
yet overflows in paradise above.
Until then, bathe me, let thy words surround

and swirl in pools of mourning lover's tears
that formed while crying to the midnight moon
for she who haunted all thy living years;
a phantom lover in a scriber's tune.

O bard, I'll miss thy sweet poetic wine
yet know true love was found in one Divine.


The Final Conflict

Oh what of she who braves the storm
while hiding 'neath a tortured form,
she tries to press for love-filled nights
but in the midst of heated fights the demons swarm.

They keep her locked in panic's cage
and push her into coming rage,
yet deep inside she hears a voice
which tells her of a coming choice, just turn the page.

She prays to God she'll find release,
and with His help she'll make it cease,
this torment from a scathing spouse,
now she won't cower as the mouse, she covets peace.

So with great courage she defeats
the fear that's kept her in retreat.
She stomps upon the demon throng,
protects her ground as she grows strong; release complete.

She looks into the clearing skies,
rejoices as her old life dies.
No longer fearing what's ahead,
she holds His hand and onward treads; her dreams arise.


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