Introducing Pastel Colored Dreams, Black Ink Realities
Silent Night
In quiet solitude I muse
and ponder how it came to be.
This matrimonial abuse
destroyed my love-led fantasy.
Constrained, I twirl this bondage band
reflecting on what came to be—
a marriage ruled by temper's hand,
which keeps me locked in panic's cage.
Suppressed, I twirl this bondage band
imploring life, "Re-write this page!"
detailing scenes of harsh torment
that keep me locked in panic's cage
with growing thoughts of dark intent
on one who constantly inflicts
horrific acts of harsh torment
the silence of the night predicts.
In quiet solitude, I muse
on one who constantly inflicts
this matrimonial abuse.
Self Awakening
Evoke the insights of the mind
when wisdom lies in dormant pose;
release compassion left behind.
Evoke the insights of the mind
and move past memories to find
the path where understanding grows.
Evoke the insights of the mind
when wisdom lies in dormant pose.
Summertime Refreshers
On a sun-stroke afternoon two sultry strangers, sipping snappy lemonade, share a secret glancewhile sitting in the shadow of a sympathetic awning. This shy but smiling pair are hoping somehow, in this sparsely staffed café,a bold and skillful waiter spies the sign and offers one a slice of sweet, seductive chocolate layered cake with raspberry fillingand a suggestive, extra fork.
A glimpse of what's inside
Home Page
My Poetry

Diamond lights sparkle
in sapphire blue eyes;
softly inviting,
come closer...closer.

Warm teasing enthralls
and nudges your mind;
seductive, it whispers,
move closer...closer.

Sweet scent of jasmine
taunting the senses;
excitement urges,
go closer...closer.

Passion's flamed finger
outlines luscious lips;
moist tongues conversing,
now closer...closer.

Ravished embracing
as spirits entwine;
desire's heart voicing,
I'm closer...closer.

Intense emotions
with rapture's eruption;
twin souls expressing,
we're closer...closer.

Lost in elation
as romance succeeds;
true love's advising,
stay closer...ever closer.

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